Empowering Gifts for Girls

Empowering Gifts for Girls

Empowering Gifts for Girls


When we empower our young girls, we eventually empower the women they become. And when we empower women, we help create a better world in which everyone knows their own worth and values each other accordingly. But it's a process. It doesn't happen overnight. It's not the result of the flip of a switch or the tap of a magic wand. It has to begin somewhere, and it begins with little girls, play, and Happy Lolli.


Our brains love to play


Play is important. Why? Because it's a naturally occurring expression, not only in children but in animals, too. Dogs play. Cats play. And monkeys play. We're all hard-wired for play. It gives us opportunities for new experiences and to practice existing skills, strengthening networks of neurological connections while creating new ones. Play creates changes in the prefrontal cortex during childhood and helps rewire the brain's executive control center which regulates emotions, and assists in making plans and solving problems.


When we play, we grow and have fun while learning along the way. And there's no better way to empower young girls than through play. This is why Happy Lolli is the newest and best of empowering gifts for young girls six to thirteen. Their gift boxes are designed to contain eight gifts each, to inspire and empower young girls through play, because it works! And it makes empowerment fun!


What is this thing called ‘empowerment’?


First, let's look at what empowering means and the ways we can incorporate it into our girls' lives:  


To empower someone is to literally give them power; or more accurately, help them develop the power already within them. So, it's an inside job, but it requires an external environment to help it along. To empower someone is to help her feel more in control of herself and, therefore, her environment. It allows each girl to discover her own unique voice and helps her build confidence in her abilities. 


Recent research suggests three essential factors for empowerment: Learning, Labor, and Leadership. Happy Lolli encompasses all three. Girls Learn with their products; they Labor or carry out tasks as a form of play; they gain confidence in themselves which breeds Leadership skills. All three combine to create a sense of empowerment to last into adulthood. And when they can empower themselves, they will empower their friends. Then, their world becomes a better place. 


These tasks also encourage self-reflection, one of those characteristics that help stimulate the process of identifying the best within themselves and, by extension, the best in others. Like using affirmations, the brain learns to see the positive aspects of their individuality, and empowering self-talk becomes automatic. 


Gifts heighten the element of surprise, and with Happy Lolli, there are eight surprises in one box! All of them create learning. All of them empower. And all the boxes can be kept and reused as lovely storage containers for those little things girls value and like to save. 


So, help your daughter, niece, granddaughter, or another significant young girl in your life become the self-confident and empowered young woman she is destined to become. And let Happy Lolli lead the way in your young girls’ life by empowering her world!