The Happy Lolli Unboxing Experience

The Happy Lolli Unboxing Experience

The Happy Lolli Unboxing Experience

There isn't a young woman on the planet who doesn't like gifts. Just think about those birthday parties as invited birthday guests parade in the door, all bearing gifts for the birthday girl. 


How about Christmas morning waking to presents colorfully wrapped under the tree, with eager hearts and hands ready to open them? 


We all know that feeling of excitement. We all remember it. And we all share in their anticipation of opening the gifts to see what's inside. It's always a welcome surprise when the unknown finally becomes known. And it's a delightful experience that puts smiles on excited faces and creates lasting memories. 


It's called the unboxing experience. And Happy Lolli is the best at creating a perfect unboxing adventure for girls. 


Unboxing builds on our inherent enjoyment of surprise and the lurking anticipatory emotions just beneath the surface. First, you experience the anticipation when Happy Lolli arrives, then the excitement builds... 


And builds... 


And builds...


 ...culminating in exhilaration when you finally see what's inside. 


And when there are eight boxes within another larger box like with Happy Lolli, the experience is eight times as fun!


The beauty of the boxes, the purple and pink colors, the ribbons and stars, and the quality of the products, all combine to create the best unboxing adventure in generations. And they're designed to help the special girl in your life become inspired and empowered. These aren't gifts to be played with for an hour or two and then forgotten or discarded. Instead, Happy Lolli transforms the recipient on a deeper level and helps build character and confidence, those internal processes that empower young girls and eventually make the world a better place for us all. 


Here's how Happy Lolli works:

  • Happy Lolli arrives at your door.
  • Open one of the eight gift boxes.
  • Complete the task.
  • Enjoy your gift. 


The boxes contain cards with printed phrases that affirm things like, "You are so Beautiful!" Then there are tasks to perform such as, 'hug a family member who loves you'; tasks that encourage the little girl in your life to look inside herself, tasks that promote self-reflection as well as awareness of her surroundings. And Happy Lolli motivates, encouraging her to follow her dreams. 


Most importantly, Happy Lilli makes her feel special. Of course, we all like to feel special because we are!  


So, if you're Looking for That Special Gift for Girls, a fun present explicitly made for school-age and young teen girls that emphasize empowerment and the inner strength that comes from appreciating her self-worth, look no further! Happy Lolli is a bundle of fun, educational, and confidence-building. 


Happy Lolli is truly the art of unboxing at its very best! Show that daughter, sister, niece, granddaughter, or other significant girl in your life that they're special. Buy Happy Lolli and let her unbox her way to fun and empowerment!