The Top Ten Gifts for Girls

The Top Ten Gifts for Girls

The Top Ten Gifts for Girls

The great thing about girls of all ages is that they like to have fun. And they don't need much encouragement to find tons of fun things to do. The trick is to keep them interested and attentive so they don't become bored.


A bored girl isn't a happy girl. 


I’ve researched some of the best gifts for girls according to child development experts as well as other sources. And I’ve kept my eyes on best-sellers and current trends, too. Of course, each age group has its own favorite activities and preferences and is challenged by its own developmental stages. Still, I’ve found fun and educational gifts that every girl of any age can enjoy, but one supersedes them all: Happy Lolli. So, we’ll begin with Happy Lolli first and see how the others compare.


Here are the Top 10 Gifts for Girls ages seven through twelve: 

  1. Happy Lolli – This is the newest product on the market for girls seven though twelve and takes the whole girl into consideration, empowering her through various tasks and motivational cards that encourage her to look within and become self-aware, the basis for creating a confident young girl. Eight gifts are included within one large box. And the process of unboxing each gift that is stunningly wrapped in black and white silk paper, then placed in its own pink or purple box with ribbons and stars, creates anticipation and excitement. Happy Lolli teaches, encourages, and empowers the young girls in your life. Plus, it’s fun! There’s little room for boredom here.


  1. The Easy-Bake Oven- Hasbro. This was developed back in 1963 and is still a popular seller. The Easy-Bake Oven has endured several transitions over the years to keep abreast of the times and is still going strong.


  1. Magic Mixies- Hasbro - Add the magical ingredients to a Cauldron one step at a time, wait for the green light, tap three times with the wand. The potion is finished when a real mist rises from the cauldron. Again, it’s a fun experience but teaches nothing other than following directions.


  1. Indoor Tent - Monobeach - Inspired by castles and fairy tales, this beautiful and remarkable princess tent will make your little princess feel like royalty.


  1. HD Digital Camera - Sekton - Equipped with auto Focus, 8.0 megapixels, and 1080P Video. Dramatically improves the definition of photos. Comes in pink. This camera is great as a toy but is easily forgotten as soon as something else more intriguing crosses a girl’s path. How many pictures can someone take without getting bored?


  1. LightUp Tracing Pad by Crayola - For the budding artist in every girl, this pink pad comes with fashion show pictures, horse pictures, and other free images to trace that you can download online. The functional word here is ‘trace.’ It doesn’t teach creative expression and therefore can disempower the user.


  1. Premium Art Set- Darice - This 131-piece art kit set in a portable wooden case includes: 36 markers, 24 crayons, 24 color pencils, 24 oil pastels, 12 watercolor cakes, 2 tubes of white paint, and 1 of each: palette, paintbrush, pencil, sharpener, stapler, eraser, ruler and scissors. Again, a girl can only paint and color some many pictures, then will seek other forms of entertainment.


  1. Friendship Bracelet Kit - Choose Friendship Company - Clip it, Knot it, Tie it! In 3 easy steps, girls can make their own bracelets or share with friends. Kit includes 20 pre-cut threads in 10 vibrant colors. This teaches creativity on a fundamental level, how to follow directions, and fine motor control.


  1. Hey Clay Animals- 18 cans of high-quality clay and an interactive app for molding six professional-quality figurines. The clay dries and hardens when left out for 24 hours. Unfortunately, the clay cannot be reused once it’s hardened.


  1. Dance Mat- Sunlin - Dance Pad with LED Lights, adjustable volume, built-in music, and three challenge levels. Made of heavy duty vinyl material, the Sunlin dancing challenge playmat is toxin-free, padded, and easy to wipe clean. Non-slippery surface.